Club Wednesdayz

Club Wednesdayz isn’t a typical club.

So if you're a twenty-something who likes to club/pub hop around town in jeans and a hoodie, sorry to say, this isn’t for you. (Don’t be offended, I fit in this category, too.)

Come back when you’ve got a successful career going and you're rolling in dough.

It’s an innovative concept: An exclusive organization that meets twice a month to schmooze it’s members with networking and social opportunities, not to mention live music, cocktails and appetizers. The innovative part? Every event is held at a different upscale location, ensuring a new experience each time.

Last Wednesday, Aug 15, was at Chat Noir, one of the most elegantly beautiful lounges in the county. Everything was velvet and plush and gorgeous.

Being brand new, Club Wednesdayz is still seducing people to join (probably the reason yours truly was invited) and only a registration was needed to signify interest.

And if I had an extra $70 a month laying around? I’d be a member already.

The free appetizers alone were worth it. Endless trays of diced ahi over avocado, little toasted crackers holding filet mignon and dijon sauce, Brie with caramelized onions! It was heaven.

Club Wednesdayz started with a live jazz band while people filed in and got comfortable. Cocktail attire was necessary for entrance, but the crowd was far from snooty. Everyone was relaxed and friendly, apparently not bothered by the idea of work the next morning.

I should also mention the raffle going on, part of which went to charity. I was too distracted by the champagne and food to really pay much attention to it. Terrible person, yes I know.

Around 10 p.m. or so, when everyone was feeling warm and tingly, the night really got started. A Flock Of ‘80s, a cover band dedicated to said decade, took to the area designated as the dance floor.

Those business types sure aren’t shy about getting their groove on.

When I said the night really got started, I meant for them, not me. I left lovely Club Wednesdayz before midnight, realizing I was far out of my tax bracket and work the next morning was looming dangerously near.

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