Club Pick: GZA at Detroit Bar TONIGHT!!!

There are some things that are hard to imagine. It's the kind of stunning news that you usually have to hear a couple of times before you actually believe it. When a flyer for a live performance by the GZA of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan appeared on the Detroit Bar website, you probably thought it had to be some mistake. GZA? At Detroit Bar? No way. Then you got hit with it again in this weeks article [see Rex Reason's story here] on the platinum-selling MC. Okay, now it has to be real, because you're hearing it again. The GZA is coming!

Tonight, the crew from La Boite Funk is hosting one of their biggest events yet. With DJ sets by Cocoe and Colossal KNXN, the LBF dance floor is bringing varied styles hip-hop, house and all things funky to warm you up for the craziness to come. With seven solo albums to his credit, including his 2008 release Pro Tools, GZA (a.k.a. The Genius) has more lyrical fire power in his arsenal than even the truest fans would know what to do with. And though he probably won't get to the party 'till the wee hours (the way all club appearances starring big name acts seem to turn out) it will surely be worth the wait. Just think about, the chance to see one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan perform just a few minutes from your house. I don't think you really have a choice. You're going.

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