Club Pick: Far East Movement at Cantina Lounge TOMORROW

When the pulsing synthesizers and club banger cadence of FM's (Far East Movement) single “Girls On The Dance Floor” first hit the air waves, it may have been the first time that anyone had heard of this furious foursome of L.A. based artists.

A few world tours, radio appearances and millions of Myspace plays later, the movement is definitely on.

And as the summer nights get closer on the calendar, the crew finds themselves servicing OC for several dates including tomorrow at Cantina Lounge in Fullerton. Hosted by DJs CSG and Mix Armada, the night promises just about everything a typical twentysomething could want: $1 beers, beer pong, free admission and a hip hop act with major dance appeal.

Around this time last year, you might have been going to an event like this starring fellow club radio mainstays LMFAO. You remember all those shows at Flight Bistro and Sutra right? For one reason or another, it seems like OC is a viable testing ground for dance music's West Coast up-and-comers.

Well this summer, it's FM scooping up the OC club gigs with performances at Flight, Sutra and Tia Juana's throughout June and July. But this summer kick off is sure to be one of the week's neon-drenched highlights.

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