Club Pick: DJ Scotty Boy at Sutra, TONIGHT!

Try Googling DJ Scotty Boy's name sometime. Chances are one of the first things you'll find is that he's been voted the “#5 DJ in America” by DJ Times Magazine. Okay, so maybe a fifth place trophy in a track meet is nothing to write home about, but when we're talking about a country chock-full of create diggers holding business cards and dreams of world domination, I think 'ol Scotty Boy has a right to brag. And tonight, being #5 in the country makes him #1 in Costa Mesa. Weaving a heavy net of 80s mash-ups, house and rock, you're bound to find yourself captured and taken to the dance floor after a few drinks. In addition to holding down residencies and gigs in San Francisco and Las Vegas, it appears that Scotty is also a resident at Sutra, making a cameo about once a month at this pulsating altar of night life in Costa Mesa. Come in, get buzzed and sweaty and find out with the rest of South County why Sutra is Scotty Boy's house.

1870 Harbor Blvd # A200
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 722-7103

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