Club Pick: Afrobeat Down at The Rhythm Lounge TONIGHT!

I know what you're thinking. Where's the club flier with a half-naked chick mashing her boobies together? Though I readily admit that a sexy flier is usually a key ingredient to a good club pick, tonight's awesome line-up at The Rhythm Lounge can't be ignored…even for a prominent pair of chesticles. Funneling the vibrant sounds of 70s funk and Fela Kuti flavor, L.A.'s Afrobeat Down are the ideal club band for anyone who has hips and knows how to use them.Armed with an endless ensemble of players gushing over the stage, ABD is a virtual army of sound. They're joined by fellow world rockers Delta Nove, who I saw fill the Blue Cafe and Pine Ave. on New Year's Eve with their percussive, Latin-inspired beats. If there's one thing both bands have going for them, it's their ability to use true musicianship to conjure sweat dance floors out of thin air where ever they happen to be plugged in.

 Also on tap for the night is the steady gigging reggae act Better Chemistry, a frequent OC favorite specializing in a mesh of two-tone ska, reggae and funk and rock. Rounding out the show is a Nevada-based band of Latin groovers. So yeah, maybe tonight's smorgasbord of world music doesn't come with a cheap girly poster but half way through the night, when you dancing with one of the real life hot chicks (or guys, whatever) that actually showed up to dance instead of sit on the sidelines stirring their drinks, you'll be glad you came to the party.

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