Club Glam 10/18/07

Aside from the fact that it took some people an hour and a half to get in last night, Glam is actually a pretty fun nightclub.

I could’ve sworn the flier said Glam opened at 9, but according to the looong-ass line when I showed up, the club didn’t open till 10.

All the people in line had rsvp’d to avoid paying the cover, which was $20 (damn!). I always appreciate a club willing to do that (wave the cover charge), because hey, I’m going to spend twice that at the bar.

Well, then the DJ didn’t show up.
Which meant 10 got pushed back to 10:45.
Which meant some poor souls were waiting well over an hour. In 4 inch heels.

Except those willing to shell out a Jackson, those people got right in. Very clever…

Anyways, once everybody got through the door it was a great party.

The DJ (once he finally showed) spun fun, energetic tracks like J Kwon’s Tipsy, Kelis’ Bossy and that one song I thought was called White Girl but I guess not. If anyone knows what it's really called, let me know.

Unlike other DJs I’ve witnessed, he was fast to know when a song worked or didn’t. Some songs like Limp Bizkit’s Faith didn’t last more than a verse (or maybe that one was a joke).

Two dance floors equipped with poles and raised platforms provided plenty of room for people to get their freak on.

And then there were the strippers. Excuse me, go go dancers.

And the regular girls who liked to pretend they were stri… go go dancers.

No no, it was all in good fun. See the pictures here.

The drinks were stiff and decently priced, well-drinks were something like 6 bucks and heavy on the booze. Bartenders were quick on their game, I never had to wait long.

Then I noticed the blue neon sign reading “Tacos” in the corner of the club. Upon investigating, I discovered that for a measly $1.50, you could get a bomb little carne asada taco with cilantro and fiery salsa. Brilliant! More clubs should offer noshings like this.

In conclusion, Glam is definitely a place to check out if you’re in Anaheim any given Thursday, but show up late so you don’t have to wait in line.

Glam is held every Thursday at JC Fandango’s 1086 N. State College, Anaheim

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