Circle Jerks to play rescheduled show at HOB

By now, 2008 just seems like a distant memory doesn't it? Sure you may be saddled with the same debt, the same crappy economy (though I believe it's been taking pride in getting progressively worse lately), but so much else has changed. Maybe it's the feeling of a semi-fresh new year that inspired the Hermosa-based punk legends of Circle Jerks come back to take care of some unfinished business at the House of Blues.

The last show they were scheduled to play at the Anaheim HOB on Aug. 15, 2008 got was canceled. Luckily when the band rescheduled for 2009, there was at least the assurance that OC fans were not going to miss out on a chance to watch Keith Morris, Greg Hetson, Zander Schloss and Kevin Fitzgerald do their thing at the House of Mouse.

Tomorrow, June 20, that day will finally come. The band is also performing with Channel 3 and Disguster two bands from OC's own backyard.And for those who are ready to not just watch the band thrash around on six albums worth of material, including the stuff between the ellipses of multiple hiatuses, this show will provide one of the best mosh pits of the summer. The show is presented by Punk If any last-minute laggers still need tickets, check HERE. 

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