Black Lips acoustic show at Finger Prints, Sat. May 2

Apparently Black Lips are all about Southern California. Not too surprising for a band from the south (Atlanta, Georgia specifically). After all, we do have ultra-hip towns like Long Beach inside our borders. As a matter-of-fact, you can find them in the LBC this Saturday on their way into Pomona for a Glass HOuse show on May 2 and a Detroit Bar gig the next day on May 3. They will be playing a scaled-down, fully-clothed performance at Finger Prints record store at 2p.m. of Saturday. Together, it sounds like this dusty garage rock four-piece is looking to get as many thrills out of us as possible before taking off to tour Europe. Luckily, us Californians don't mind being used for a good time.

For more info on the Finger Prints In-store performance, check out this this shiznit.
Oh, and I know things get pretty slow at work around this time so I'm gonna pretend to be your one of your old, burnt-out high school history teacher and show you a nice video to enjoy, productivity is overrated on Wednesday anyway. Check out Black Lips “Short Fuse” video, from their latest album 200 Million Thousand, after the JUMP.


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