Billy Corgan Finds New Drummer, Set to Play Open (Show Already Sold Out)

Oh, Billy Corgan. What wacky thing will you do next? You made a run for “weirdest couple of the epoch” by dating Tila Tequila, and lent 1995 Smashing Pumpkins hit “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” to a pro wrestling pay-per-view for use in their ads. Now, after a nationwide search, you've hired a replacement for drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, and it's a 19-year-old unknown from Portland named Mike Byrne.

Which is not to dis Byrne–he's surely great! It's just that, y'know, with Corgan these days, the unexpected should be expected.

But here's something cool: Corgan and Byrne are playing six solo shows late this month at various small SoCall spots, including Open in Long Beach. Here's the less cool news: the Open show is already sold out; only 50 seated and 10 standing tickets were available, and they went in like, a second. (Well, probably a little longer than a second. But quickly!).

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