Before it Gets Old: Cold War Kids Interactive Music Video

Okay, so there's plenty of reasons to be a jaded Cold War Kids fan in the OC these days. Besides getting plenty of ink from hipsteratti media outlets (including this one) and praise for just about everything they do from an ever growing fan base world wide, they haven't been that “super underground band that only the in-crowd knows about” for a few years.

 But thank god, or else they probably wouldn't have had the resources/cash/innovatve design team to pull off their first interactive music video for the song “I've Seen Enough” from 2008's Loyalty to Loyalty. To see exactly what I'm talking about, quit wasting time and click THE LINK. While you're checking that out, notice that the song is spliced into four different versions that allow each interactive band member to play a different style of the song simultaneously. Cool right? You can also see some “fan favorite” permutations that tend to sound eclectically bad ass.

 So I guess we can thank MTV for this one. That might seem strange to you, but suck up your pride and spend a few idle minutes fucking around with the video and then thank them later. It's nice to know that as they slowly trek the path to world stardom that the OC/LB-based group is still succeeding at being on the cutting edge of cool.

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