Avalon Bar Wants You!

Attention local and touring bands and DJs: Costa Mesa's Avalon Bar wants you. If you are interested in getting a gig (that's industry talk, man), email th**********@gm***.com. Rumor has it the only requirements are one, you have to be a band or DJ (duh); two, the Avalon staff has to like your stuff and three, you have to be able to bring a small crowd. The good news is: Avalon is a bar, which means you really don't need to be able to bring a small crowd. You just need a handful of friends who can drink the same amount of booze as a small crowd. Every band I used to be in, we made sure to make friends with drunks. That way, the bars would loving having us because they knew we'd make them money, but they wouldn't have to hire security because they didn't expect massive crowds to show up. A win-win for everyone! 

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