And You Thought Swine Flu Was Bad? Creed Returns, Plans OC Show

“I just heard the news today. It seems my life is gonna change.”

The rumors are true! Terribly, terribly true. Creed, the go-to punchline band of the late '90s and early '00s, are back together, and have unveiled a rather ambitious touring schedule for this summer and fall. The trek includes a stop in Irvine on September 30, presumably at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, and not like, Amy's Hallmark at the Spectrum. Check out the press release announcing the reunion and a predictably ostentatious accompanying video on their official site.

Despite all the many, many, many jokes about Creed, it's clear that they were still really popular (even if it became increasingly difficult to find someone that admitted it). Given that this will be their first time together in five years, this tour will probably be a pretty big deal–the fans, such as they are, will be psyched, and maybe there will be a touch of revisionist “hey, Creed wasn't so bad, were they?” from the musical literati crowd. (Maybe.) Either way, I think I have to make it out there for the Sept. 30 show. It'll be a real enriching experience. Literally, “My Own Prison.”

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