ALSO TONIGHT: The GZA Returns to Detroit

There's something to be said for the credibility of a music venue when an artist like GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan decides to stop by once and do a show. But twice? Detroit Bar must be doing something right these days.

And for anyone who shelled out the $20 for his last appearance at this South County watering hole remembers what a crazy night that was, filled with guest appearances, packed crowds and ridiculous flows courtesy of  The Genius and his crew.Tonight should be no different, perhaps even better. I mean if you're
GZA, you don't come back to a local OC venue twice unless you intend to
top yourself.

This time around Detroit's monthly La Boite Funk hosts this revered MC.  So for all the hip hop heads that somehow don't know about this show yet, first you need to wake the fuck up, second you need to get there early because you definitely want to be in the front row for this one.

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