AFI Signing at Best Buy Costa Mesa Next Week

AFI was founded in Ukiah, a small California town in Mendocino County, hundreds of miles north of Orange County. Yet OC is exactly where they've chosen to be one day after the release of their eighth studio album, Crash Love; their latest record that will inevitably be soundly reviled by fans of their Nitro Records days, yet still sell tons of copies. So it goes.

Live in concert? Not quite, but the next best thing. Well, a thing. They'll be signing records at the Best Buy in Costa Mesa (the one by South Coast Plaza), on September 30, scheduled for 6 p.m. Word is that access to the signing can only be granted by, duh, buying Crash Love at Best Buy. (Like all things in life, the opportunity for face time with Davey Havok and the crew comes with a price.) They'll also be signing a Gibson Les Paul Fireburst guitar, to be raffled off that day.

Crash Love is their first release since 2006's Decemberunderground, which spawned their biggest hit yet, “Miss Murder,” and continued the former hardcore punk band's mainstreaming that started with 2003's Sing the Sorrow. As so often happens with these things, the more success they have, the more their long-time fans feel alienated–and that picture up there, the latest promo image from the new album, isn't helping matters, what with the band looking nearly unrecognizable with the haircuts and scarves and vests and purple and pink pants. Here's what the MySpacers are saying:

“dude WTF is with the jeans and metro clothes?? they look like the jonas brothers”

oh god.
seriously,what happened?
this isn't AFI.
A fire inside is fucking dead.”

“this is nothing like the old afi dont listen to him. ive never been
more disappointed as an afi fan. and ive liked them for quite sometime.
I miss jades hair. And daveys hair. and i miss black sails. 🙁 sorry”

“hey man u guys rock but ur hair why did u cut it off ur old hair was better sorry.”

“no way! y did u guys change ur look?! where is the AFI i luv ???? y did
u change ur hair ?!?!?! D'=”

Not sure what “D=” is. Is she giving their new look a D? Maybe.

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