A Very Memorable Evening With TheSTART

'thestart2.jpg'I spent last night at Sachi, where our very own darling Ryan and Kevin have started a pet project to be held the last Thursday of the month. The last Thursday? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what they told me, we'll let you know. But for those of you who somehow missed the bombardment of pretty pretty advertising, it was an amazing lineup.

The Outline opened, followed by Something For Rockets and TheStart headlined. Having never seen any of them before, I thought it was going to be a night of musical discoveries and newfound favorites. But unbeknownst to me, I had seen TheStart before. My friend Kacey told me we had seen them open for Alkaline Trio, like, six years ago. How the hell did she remember that? Or worse: How the hell didn't I? Probably had something to do with the bottle of Captain Morgan we drank in the parking lot (gimme a break, I was 19).

Anyhoo- the bands were all wonderful, there was a nice high-energy-electronic-rock kind of consistency among the three, and the setup was as flashy and sharp as it gets. TheStart brought the house down with their stellar stage show, which apparently they've had at least six years to master. Even though it was a Thursday, lotsa people came out (including a certain No Doubt-er. Oh, and someone said the oldest brother from Home Improvement was there. What's his name? I thought he was in rehab with Eddie Furlong or something).

I did discover a new favorite though. Ryan introduced me to Peach Stoli. Mixed with tonic it becomes what I always imagined Ambrosia to taste like.

I know, I know. Peach Stoli isn't too far off from Captain Morgan, but at least I remember the night.

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