Murder of Alvaro Rios Has a Familiar Ring to It

Based on the description of the crime provided by prosecutors this afternoon, the reason for 38-year-old Alvaro Rios’ murder sounds similar to that of 17-year-old Diego Gonzalez’s slaying 13 years ago.

Both Rios and Gonzalez were allegedly lured to their deaths in early morning hours by lovers with boyfriends.

Among those accused of taking part in the murders were the boyfriends, who were allegedly helped by accomplices other than their girlfriends.

The bodies of Rios and Gonzalez were both found in remote Orange County areas by passersby.

Gonzalez was an El Modena High School wrestling star who went with his side piece, then-20-year-old Veronica Paz, to a quiet spot in the Orange Hills, where he was shot to death by Paz’s jealous boyfriend Brandan Dante Perry.

Rios was in a romantic relationship with 28-year-old Anjelica Marie Shibata, who allegedly lured the older man to an abandoned area near a San Juan Capistrano bike path, where he was stabbed to death on July 12. Shibata, her live-in, 22-year-old boyfriend Brion Cairo Hyde and four others have been charged with Rios’ murder.

Paz and Perry each initially faced first-degree murder charges that could have sent them to prison for life without the possibility of parole. Paz, who was ultimately convicted of second-degree murder, can apply for parole in a couple years. Perry, who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in exchange for a future bid for parole, must wait until 2031 at the soonest.

The six defendants tied to the Rios slaying may never get a chance at parole. Shibata, Hyde, 21-year-old Ashkan Dezhangfard (who like the couple resides in San Juan Capistrano), 18-year-old Siavash Hosseinaliarhani and 20-year-old Ryan Timothy Huebner (both of Laguna Niguel) and Laguna Hills 22-year-old Myles Emmanuel Jones each face felony special circumstances murder by lying in wait and, with convictions, life in state prison without the possibility of parole.

According to this afternoon’s charging statement from the Orange County District Attorney’s office, the five men were lying in wait when Rios arrived to meet Shibata. Rios was stabbed numerous times and died at the scene before all six defendants allegedly fled.

As this case works its way through the Orange County judicial system, we’ll learn more about the events before and after the slaying that led to such a long defendant list. 

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