Mummy’s the Word

Celebrating the end of the Bowers' intriguing exhibit “Mummies: Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt,” the museum will host a decadent four-course Middle Eastern dinner-nothing to strike up an appetite like a bunch of dead bodies, right? All joking aside, it's is the largest collection of mummies and funerary objects to ever leave the British Museum. Among the 14 mummies and/or coffins, the exhibit illustrates the Egyptians' incredible ritual of preparing and sending the deceased into the afterlife, complete with objects created specifically for a person's coffin, like spectacular gold jewelry and a wooden boat to transport the dead into the underworld. The best part? As the perfect final farewell to the exhibit, the museum will feature a lantern-lit tour through the galleries.
Sun., March 30, 5 p.m., 2008

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