MTV Casting For Its Own Food Reality Show

It can be argued that MTV's The Real World started the whole put-strangers-together-in-a-house-and-see-what-happens gimmick of just about every reality show we see today, including Bravo's Top Chef. Now MTV is casting for its own food show, where, wait for it, they'll have strangers living in a house competing for a chef job.

If you're interested in being one them, here's the casting call notice from


For the first time ever MTV and Doron Ofir Casting are seeking aspiring chefs to fulfill a lifelong dream in the culinary arts that will lead to the job of a lifetime and launch a career of epic proportions.

We are seeking amateur chefs, bakers and cooking enthusiasts of all kinds (who are at least 18 years old), with the biggest personalities and a fierce appetite for competition, to live under one roof and be schooled in the most intensive and practical culinary training, with mentorship by legendary food masters.

Your fiery passion for cooking will be put to the test and be given the opportunity to experience the delicious taste of success.

If you're ready to satisfy your hunger and get schooled apply now:

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