MT. OSSA Streams Debut Album 'Homework Machine,' Just in Time For Echo Residency

Since their big coming out party last spring, tripped-out indie pop outfit MT. OSSA's journey out of obscurity is coming at a much quicker pace now that their summery sound can flourish in its natural climate. Last night, the Mission Viejo quintet gained major ground as the opening act for classic rock polymath Todd Rundgren at the Coach House. And since we interviewed the band a couple months back, they've finished their debut record Homework Machine, a surf-toned, psychedelic voyage through doo-wop and 80s dance pop territories, just in time for their July residency at the Echo.

But before they hit the stage tomorrow in LA, they want you to get as familiar with songs like “Love Jam,” “Whistling Season,” and “Solar Skate” as you possibly can. Naturally, they've offered up a full stream of their new album for free. We suggest that you take a listen. After all, knowing the lyrics will come in handy as you're senses get bombarded by the crazy, homespun projections these guys cook up for their live show, something they'll likely be known for by the time this residency is over.

“We've always been into a lot of colors and the brightness of everything,” says drummer Tony Tancredi. “We want people to feel that when they see us. We want them to see the whole picture when we're playing live.”

Check out a full stream of the album below.


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