Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel Headline Plugged Into Local at Detroit Bar, Jan. 31

Having made it to the other side of 2013, we're glad to announce that Plugged into Local is still alive and kicking. Time to celebrate with some psychedelics–well, of the aural variety at least (note: that is not the same thing as “oral.” But if you're going to take acid before the show, we definitely suggest that method). This month, PIL lands in Costa Mesa as we take over Detroit Bar to bring you a mix of technical prowess and time-warp insanity courtesy of Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, Drinking Flowers and the Flying Hand.


Though bringing the best OC talent to your attention is PIL's ultimate goal, it's safe to say that these bands could fit in just about place where good music is appreciated. And in Mr. Elevator's case, that includes a past decade where Jimi Morrison breathed earthly air, bell bottoms were in style and a dime bag still cost a dime. Built on a foundation of wah-wah keys, skittering drumbeats and lumbering bass, the South OC natives are sidestepping most of the 60s- inspired copy acts by stripping away the guitar and honing the groove. Though you can see how the searing organ lines from Tomas Dolas leaves little room for a six-string solo. Though they're now based in L.A. (yes, we forgive them) these Locals Only alumni are always down to play OC as their fan base in each county continues to grow.

Supporting acts for the night include OC reverb rockers Drinking Flowers and Flying Hand's math rock riffage. While both come from different worlds, they're both equally easy to trip out on in a live setting. For Drinking Flowers, with it's wall of slow burning, echo-drenched hypnotism is the yin to the Flying Hand's nimble fingered, fast-paced yang. To get involved in the PIL community and and get the details on the show, click here. As always the show is free and starts at 9 p.m. See you there!

Here's a taste of what you're getting at Plugged Into Local this month:

Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel

Drinking Flowers

Flying Hand

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