Mr. Cheese O's, Possibly The Greatest Cheese Snack Ever Made, Sold At Costco At The District

You know what the best part of making a quesadilla is? When some of the cheese runs off the side, puddles on the pan and turns into a lacy, crispy chip.

I've always thought to myself: wouldn't it be great if someone made a snack that tastes exactly like this?

Last weekend, I was at Costco at The District in Tustin grazing the sample buffet as usual when I was given a taste of Mr. Cheese O's. I was floored. It had the exact flavor and crunch consistency of that pan-crisped puddle of cheese. The snacks were formed into hoops with the texture of coral and ten times crunchier than a Cheetoh.


There were two flavors: cheddar and Parmesan. The ingredients list revealed cheese as the first component, quinoa as the second. But I couldn't taste the latter. As far as my mouth was concerned, it was all cheese.

Costco was selling them in packets of two with one of each flavor for $7.79. I promptly bought three, ate half of it and am planning to go back this weekend to buy whatever is left on the pallet.

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