Mr. B's Sports Grille, Los Alamitos Bar, in the Running For “North America's Smartest Bar”

Alcohol kills brain cells? Apparently not those of the regulars at a Los Alamitos bar called Mr. B's Sports Grille. They're in the running for the title of North America's Smartest Bar.

They are in the top 5 contenders in this year's Buzztime's 2013 Smartest Bar Championship. What's Buzztime? It's a entertainment platform network that connect “thousands of bar and restaurant customers in the US and Canada to compete head-to-head answering sports, art, history and pop culture bar trivia questions.”


The competition involved more than 3,000 bars in North America who have been competing since April for the title. Now only 76 remain, and the Norms and Cliffs at Mr. B's Sports Grille are #5 overall going into the finals.

The final bout to determine who gets the championship trophy, banner and $500 cash for winning the title will be on Monday, August 26, 6 p.m. PT – 7 p.m. PT.

Root for them and hope there's at least one Frasier on their team!

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