Movies and Music: Stray Cat Lee Rocker Talks About His Favorite Soundtrack

Still on the subject of movies and rockin' soundtracks, we asked a few musicians coming through Orange County about their favorites. First up, Lee Rocker–former Stray Cat and OC resident–who is releasing his album, The Cover Sessions EP, t a solo show at the Galaxy Theatre Saturday, March 5. 

As an OG rockabilly purveyor, Rocker chooses the obvious as his favorite soundtrack: 

I've got to say that Pulp Fiction has probably the greatest fucking movie soundrack ever…from Dick Dale playing “Miserlou” to the  scene with Travolta and Thurman dancing to the Chuck Berry song “You Never Can Tell.” There is just nothing more cool  Also on the soundrack is Link Wray doing “Rumble.” 


This film is full of great guitar tracks. They also used the Johnny Burnette song “Waitin' in School.” They dug deep on the music choices and didn't go with the obvious.  One of my favorite films of all time and definitely my fav sound track. Samuel Jackson and John Travolta rule. Uma Thurman's got that Betty Page rockabilly look going on. Whats not to dig? Taratino's the best.

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