Move Over, Orly Taitz: Supreme Court Ignores Another Obama Birther

“Barry speaking . . .”


The U.S. Supreme Court today rejected without comment a requested rehearing on a previously tossed-out case alleging Barack Obama is not eligible to be the U.S. president.

This one was not filed by Laguna Niguel lawyer/dentist/birther/nutbar/real-estate saleswoman Orly Taitz, but rather a man who identifies himself as a retired U.S. Air Force colonel.

Gregory Hollister filed his case as Hollister v. Soetoro (10-678) because, he claims, the respondent went by “Barry Soetoro” when he was a child living in Indonesia with
his family.

Fox 4 in Kansas City has the scoop.

Hollister sought the rehearing on grounds Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan must withdraw from all constitutional claims because, as Obama appointees, they have conflicts of interest.

Besides staying mum while rejecting the rehearing request, the Supreme Court also did not demand the Obama administration file a formal government response to Hollister's latest nutty claims.

Speaking of nuts, Taitz expresses disappointment in Hollister's latest defeat on her World's Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site.

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