Move Over, Earth Day: It's Vegan Earth Day

UPDATE: A new study shows vegans and vegetarian have more empathy–for humans and animals–than meat-eaters do . .

The trees have been planted, the trails have been cleared and the beaches have been de-syringed as another season of springtime Earth Day festivities have passed.

But a “Vegan Earth Day” is still yet to come in Fountain Valley.


“Because most typical
Earth Day, or so-called 'green' gatherings, include the stench of
barbecue and the sale of meat, dairy, eggs, and fish, Earth Day now
seems more like a 'Destroy-the-Earth Day,' considering meat and dairy
(MAD) generate 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and cause
deforestation, drought, resource depletion, soil erosion,
desertification, habitat destruction, energy crises, and so much more,” complain the organizers of the Vegan Earth Day they're calling “Southern California Summer-Fest.”

Their second annual Vegan Earth Day, which will include solar-powered music, fun, and food, is scheduled for Sunday, June 27, at Mile Square
It benefits Orange County People for Animals,
International Fund for Africa, Go Vegan Radio, and Haitian emergency

“This event will feature world-class live music including reggae
from 'Son-of-Haiti' King Wawa, with the debut of his new song and video 'Haiti Will Rise Again,'” note organizers, who ask that you bring clothing, blankets, tents,
supplies, and non-perishable vegan food to donate to Haiti “in its new rainy season emergency.”
Speakers include Anteneh Roba,
founder of the International Fund for Africa, and various environmentalists,
health experts and activists.

Video presentations, children's activities,
animal adoptions, yoga and “the healthiest, best-tasting planet-saving
cuisine ever” are also on tap.
Interested in becoming a sponsor, vendor or
volunteer? Email Bob Linden or call (818) 623-6477.

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