To all you hard-drinking, hard-partying survivors of hard rock's golden age: Congratulations on still being alive. Your bodies are worn, your brain cells fried and livers hardened. After all these years, you need salvation; you need a messiah. We're not not about Dr. Bob or Bill W. here. We're talking about Motörhead bassist/founding member/perennial cirrhosis survivor Lemmy Kilmister. Yes, there is someone out there who partied through the '70s and '80s harder than you, lived to tell the tale, and continues the party to this day. A Cinderella story, with plenty of warts. Witness the pickled piper of punk-infused hard rock do his thing at the House of Blues. You'll learn something while you watch—or die trying.

Tue., Jan. 25, 8 p.m., 2011

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