Most of OC Forced to Reduce Water Usage By 20-35% Except…Seal Beach?!

Yesterday, the California State Water Resources Control Board released a draft proposal that laid out a conservation plan for the indefinite future. Surprise, surprise: most cities in Orange County will have to cut back big-time, with nearly every local water district mandated to save water by 20 (mostly cities in North and Central County) to 25 percent (that's you, all of South County) compared to September of last year. The Control Board smacked down Newport Beach, the East Orange County Water and Yorba Linda Water districts, and–bizarrely–La Habra (who knew there was vegetation in La Habra?) with the highest mandated cut: 35 percent.

Only one OC city ranked in the lowest tier of forced conservation: 10 percent. And that 'burb was…Seal Beach?!


The Los Angeles Times has the breakdown on all Southern California cities here.

Nothing against the fine city, but we just never particularly thought of it as a water-wise city. Every time we go, we see nothing but well-manicured lawns, abundant flowers and trees on those lots without lawns, and just a general landscape befitting the genteel town. Granted, they DO live right next to the beach–hence, Seal Beach–with the ocean breeze and shit. But those Seal Beachers put the rest of their wealthy coastal neighbors to shame.

So kudos to you, Seal Beach, for already being water-wise? Or is it that no one in town gets drunk because y'all live at 320 Main? In that case, you do live in heaven…

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