Morrissey's 55th Unhappy Birthday

After last week's very uncool fan attack on Morrissey in San Jose by a couple idiots who actually managed to break past security and knock the music idol down (and causing him to almost cancel his highly anticipated Observatory show), fans otherwise celebrating his 55th birthday might consider it a very unhappy one indeed—footage of the show is online and it's unsettling to say the least. Thank Smiths for the Sweet & Tender Hooligans, a tribute band dedicated to recreating Moz classics from his early years to recent stylings. Tonight, they honor to the birthday boy with live (and tremendously similar, tribute-style) songs like “Suedehead” and “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get.” We hope Morrissey is recovering from the bruises (both physical and emotional) he suffered—but, hey, it's his birthday, he can cry if he wants to.

Thu., May 22, 9 p.m., 2014

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