More Proof Joe Arpaio is a Corrupt Mofo

Our sister paper, the Phoenix New Times, has covered Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio longer and more truthfully than any publication. Its coverage is so thorough it remembers when Know Nothings were attacking Arpayaso for his supposedly soft approach to illegal immigrants. And all this time, the New Times has shown–again and again–that Arpayaso is Barney Fife combined with the worst of Richard Nixon.

This week, the paper is at it again.

In an exhaustive, masterful cover story, reporter Ray Stern lays out the latest findings of how Arpayaso and his henchman used the powers of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to pursue vendettas against political opponents, vendettas that led to indictments that were all eventually thrown out of court for being absolutely, laughably flimsy. Stern also unearthed evidence that shows Arpayaso knew of, even ordered, some of the latest corruptions, even as the feds breathed down his neck.

Sadly, this cover story will probably do nothing. Those of us who know Arpayaso's ways will only hope this feature finally brings him down, while the Know Nothings (which in Orange County, constitute Arpayaso's second-largest fan base) will turn their heads away because of their rampant hatred of Mexicans. Sigh . . . now, let the nasty comments commence!

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