More Pizza Joints Open Across OC–and Even More To Come

There is a whole lot of pizza out there these days. And I'm not talking about just the Blazes and Pieologies–those newfangled custom pie purveyors that may or may not have been inspired by Chipotle or 800 Degrees. Though yes, there are an awful lot of those everywhere now.


I'm talking other pizza joints–pizza hopefuls who figure Pieology's kind of pizza success isn't “a pie in the sky” idea. You might say that they're in it to get a piece of the pie. *rimshot*

Anyway, just in the Irvine/Tustin/Newport Beach area alone, a Flippin' Pizza recently opened at The Square on MacArthur and Main and there's a new Fresh Brothers at Harbor View Center. And there are two more coming: Pizza 90 which is planned for Alton Square at Yale and Alton; and a Square One Pizza Cafe at Oak Creek Shopping Center, which won't be too far away at Alton and Jeffrey.

I'm uncertain if any of these new entrants are following the Pieology model, but would you be surprised if they were?

What's that? You're happy with Pizza Hut? Well, good for you.

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