Mo'pleez Spiced Coated Fried Peanuts

Name: Mo'pleez Spiced Coated Fried Peanuts 

Origin: India

Found at: India SpiceMart, Tustin 

Cost: $0.99 

Peanut, Chickpeas flour, Vegetable Oil (Contains one or more of the following: Peanut N Palmoline Oil), Mix Spices, Salt N Citric Acid. 

Why I Bought It: 
Four words, three of them adjectives, one of them “peanuts”. “Spiced coated fried peanuts”, to be exact. And oh yes, also an extra word that sums it up: “Tasty”, which is the one and only flavor descriptor the peanuts have.  Others on the shelf had specific flavors, like “Chana Nuts” or “Khatta Meetha”.  But this one, they seemed to have phoned in.  
Mo'pleez worker:  “Hey, what do we call this one?'
Other Mo'pleez worker:  “I dunno.  They're tasty though.”
Mo'pleez worker:  “That's it!!”
Tasting Notes: 
The crunch isn't as satisfying as other fried coated peanuts I've had. It's actually got a gritty, sandy texture. 
The spicing builds to a burn, but it too has a sort of odd sour taste that's also metallic.  Then there's an egg-yolk flavor that lingered in my mouth soon after.
These are the strangest tasting snacks I've had yet.  No mo' for me pleez.

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