Moonsville Collective to Headline Plugged Into Local at 2J's Lounge in Fullerton, Nov. 28

When we started this whole Plugged Into Local thing last summer, it was basically just an excuse to throw wild parties in our favorite bars and hopefully liven up our Wednesday nights a little. This month, we just might reach a new threshold of weekday debauchery thanks to the boot-stomping, whiskey-swilling, yee-hawing, tub-bass-playing badassery of roots music and outlaw country.

 Enter: Moonsville Collective. This month, the eight piece outfit–known for their packed backyard hootenannies and raucous live show–is headlining our fifth installment of PIL on Wednesday, November 28 at 2J's Lounge in Fullerton. And they're bringing a hay wagon full of talent with them. Drunk on the legacy of great American songwriters–Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, you name it–this pack of multi-instrumental jam artists is quickly becoming one of the must-see acts in OC. The question is: Are you ready to party like it's 1929?As always, the event is free, all you have to do is RSVP–find out how after the jump!
The rest of the bill this month is just as stellar. From the pages of our Locals Only Section, we bring you blustering banjos and bluegrass beats of Angel and the Badman. Having started their trek as a band early this year, founders Alex Coulter and Zach Mishler are two tattooed-sleeved graduates of punk and hardcore bands that decided to write old-school country songs in the style of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. What emerges are a set of gritty, galvanizing anthems about life on the wrong side of the law. If you're a fan of what we've just described, you might've even seen them strumming away with their five-piece band at 2J's or revered dive joints like Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa. 

Rounding out the night will be Vinnie and the Hooligans, a local string band who've also spent the past several months creating pub anthems that'll have you swinging a pint of Guinness over your head and shouting at the top of your lungs. All three acts are taking over the self-proclaimed “Swankiest Dive in OC.” Seriously, do we know how to throw a party, or what? Space is limited so act fast.
Get a taste of what you're coming to see:
Moonsville Collective

Angel and the Badman

Vinnie and the Hooligans

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