Montel Williams Launches New Medical Cannabis Line at Bud & Bloom TODAY

Courtesy of Montel Williams

“About 55 percent of this nation currently has one chronic illness, and of that 55 percent, 80 percent have two,” Montel Williams says, prefacing his prediction that in years to come, chronic illness will be one of the leading causes of death in the United States. “According to the American Medical Association, by 2020 the percentage of people who have chronic illness will rise by 10 percent… That means 157 million people in the United States will be suffering, and many of them will be prescribed opiates by their doctors and become addicted.”

Williams, a talk-show-host turned cannabis advocate and dignitary, has been on the frontlines of cannabis for the last 17 years—just after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Thus, being a part of that 55 percent has motivated him to delve into the science of cannabis in search for a reliable alternative to Big Pharma’s regimen– the catalyst of decay. Not only has Williams consumed cannabis every single day multiple times per day since his diagnosis in 1999, but he’s also been on a quest to provide truly powerful and effective medicine to others. After learning to create CBD oil in his Manhattan apartment back in 2000—long before CBD oil was en vogue—and following almost two decades of intensive, hands-on research, he’s finally decided to craft his own line of premium canna-products called LenitivLabs.

Tonight at 5 pm, Williams will be at Bud & Bloom dispensary in Santa Ana to meet, greet and provide a demonstration on his three new oils and cannabis drink. And according to Williams, LenitivLabs has defined what it means to make clean, powerful medicine. The oils are broad spectrum, meaning they contain an expansive array of cannabinoids as well as a blend of therapeutic terpenes, or organic hydrocarbon plant compounds that are proven to have medicinal qualities. Williams explains the oils, which can be loaded into vaporizers, are super-critically Co2 extracted and are double distilled. But what differentiates LenitivLabs is the staggeringly low contaminant level (think pesticides, left over solvents, molds, etc.).

“A lot of people are selling weed now, but they don’t care what they do to make that weed,” says Williams, who’s been on a California dispensary tour for the last week-and-a-half. “They don’t care where that weed comes from, they don’t care who process it, they don’t care how it’s processed, they don’t even care about the patient– they just want to put more money in the bank account… Our oil is coming out at 100 percent zero parts per million (PPM) of any contaminants. I have not found one oil yet that has a zero PPM. All of them are between 100 and 600 PPM, and we have zero.”

Back in 2010—when cannabis was still painfully demonized—Williams went to the motherland of cannabis research: Israel. There he interviewed Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who’s regarded as one of the (if not the) most advanced cannabis researchers in the world. He saw nurse practitioners titrating their extreme palliative care patients with cannabis, and how they were testing and using cannabinoids directly in cancer treatment. To say his trip to Israel was educational is an understatement. It was groundbreaking, he explains. The knowledge he gained created the mold for LenitivLabs. “There is effective cannabis medication out there, and I want to make sure that people in America have access to that medication. ”

Tonight Williams will debut three different THC to CBD oil ratios: one that’s 10:90; a 50:50 option; and another one that’s 95:5. He’s also releasing a cannabis drink, too. What’s unique about LenitivLabs’ drink, as opposed to other canna-libations, is that it’s a demonstration of how technology is being used in the cannabis space. In the bottom of the bottle is 1.5 ounces of coconut oil and water. Emulsified in the coconut oil is the LenitivLabs cannabis oil. In the top of the bottle are crystalline forms of vegetables and fruits. When you’re ready to drink it, you press the button on the lid, which blends the fruits and veggies with the oils, and consume the drink as a shot. “We truthfully believe it’s the healthiest cannabinoid drink in the market place,” he says.

LenitivLabs, getting it’s name from the word “Lenitive” meaning to soothe, soften or level out pain; is designed to give those suffering from chronic illnesses or pain the same relief and results Williams has had. “MS is a disease some cultures call the statue disease because you slow down to the point where you can’t move or think,” he says. Yet it’s because of cannabis that Williams has been able to get out of bed, work out for an hour-and-a-half every morning and run five companies. “My executive function is as high and better than it’s ever been in my entire life, and that’s what I want to give to those who truly need cannabis as a medicine.”

Montel Williams will be at Bud & Bloom today from 5-7pm; 1327 E St Gertrude Pl, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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