Monsters, Marijuana, and ‘Merica

The smell of melted plastic, fresh dirt, and patriotism filled my nostrils as I made my way through the waves of overweight children clutching whatever form of sugar their tiny hands could cling to. It was a Sunday, and I was busy finding my seat inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles to witness an event so magical I almost forgot that I had consumed two bottles of Cannavis’ potent THC tinctures. Each bottle of 200mg infused cannabanoids pulsed through my veins as the crowd stood for the National Anthem. A single tear slowly slid down my cheek as the “home of the brave” cheered for democracy and diesel fuel.

Taste the rainbow. Photo: Jefferson Matthew Vanbilliard

BareCali recently stopped by the Weekly offices and gifted us some of their newest vape batteries which coincidentally is also featured as our “Toke of the Week”. I had managed to get my hands on one as well as one of their “Gelato” cartridges and was eager to try out it’s potent effects while in the “thunder dome”. But, as luck would have it, the first event was about to start and I had already missed half the rules. As the announcer explained that each monster would be judged by the audience I looked around and realized that I was triple the age of everyone in my row. A further inspection of the seats above me offered no relief, I had entered a world full of boogers and feet.

So much freedom!

By this point I was beginning to understand why everyone had earplugs and remembered scoffing at the man who attempted to sell me a pair on the way to my seat. I was close enough to smell the fresh laid dirt and know what it feels like for my ears to bleed, while watching a Wonder Woman themed truck roll over repeatedly until coming to a stop inches from the stands. My heart stopped, everyone in the audience gasped as the driver emerged unharmed. The votes were counted from a website they told us to visit but I had already forgotten and the score was displayed on giant monitors throughout the center. Wonder Woman got a 7.2 out of 10 while another guy known as El Toro Loco received a measly 6 for actually finishing the race. I felt cheated as I climbed the staircase to the smoking patio in order to clear my head with fresh air and gelato. I sat there, basking in the warm california sun, thinking about a lot of things like, whether or not people should need to pass an IQ test to vote, or how is it okay to sell $40 shirts to children, and mostly, why are there so many children on this smoking patio? After a full day of destruction and cheesy metal music I arrived back in Orange County with a newfound respect for those brave automotive heroes. I wish I could remember who won but I would like to think that maybe we all won a little bit that day.

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