Monday Munchies: Wake and Bake and Pancakes

Fluffy little clouds of happiness. Photo by Jefferson VanBilliard

Although the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana’s Artists Village has been through its fair share of menu changes, some of which we are glad to see end up on the cutting-room floor, their latest offering of vegan and vegetarian-friendly comfort foods features some of my personal favorites from their decades long legacy.

It can be quite difficult finding a restaurant that caters to someone who isn’t looking for a cheap place to drink bottomless mimosas but also doesn’t want to surround themselves with senior citizens in a diner. For those of us who prefer a warm cup of coffee over a cold glass of inevitable heartburn, the Gypsy Den is the next collective spot on our proverbial breakfast bucket list.

After grabbing your typical three-drink minimum for brunch, enjoy the sounds of a live band that somehow understands the appropriate volume that music should be played at (musicians take note). If you’re a wake-and-bake stoner like myself be warned: The Den’s mystical powers will consume your entire morning and it will only feel like five minutes. I had plenty of time to enjoy my beverages while waiting for the star of the show, the Lemon Vanilla Cream Pancakes!

These fluffy little clouds of happiness may very well ruin all other breakfast food for me forever. Perfectly griddled, the pancakes feature just the right amount of density without being undercooked. It may have been the large amount of cannabis I had previously consumed, but I could have sworn that the second I bit into those golden pillows of pure light I could hear Daryl Hall singing inside my ear,

“What I want, you’ve got

“But it might be hard to handle”

Now that I’ve had those flapjacks drizzled in cinnamon-maple syrup and coated in Maldon Salt-topped butter, I can finally start to understand the true meaning of that song. And Gypsy Den, if you’re reading this, then I want you to know that baby, you make my dreams come true.

Gypsy Den, 125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

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