Monday Munchies: Tahoe OG

We should vote to make Tahoe OG the new California state flower.


Who doesn’t love an OG? If you’re an indica smoker and appreciate the classics, then OG strains are likely among your favorite. Plus, we live in California where the only flower that (perhaps) grows more than OG’s are Poppies– you know, our state flower. One flower strain that’s floating around OC in abundance is Tahoe OG. Although this variety is rather easy to come by, you can expect a consistently laid back high every time– even though lots of strains are different depending on where you get then from.


Tahoe OG is a stellar indica because it’s not necessarily going to strap you to the couch. I mean, I guess if you smoke enough of it that can happen especially because it has 25 percent THC. But its sedating effects feel rather mellow compared to other OG strains, like Vader OG.


The most notable terpenes upon first smell are pinene, which smells like sharp, sweet pine and helps with memory retention and alertness. There are hints of carophylene, giving it an earthy, woods-like scent and enhancing the OG’s mind-sedating and muscle-relaxing effects. The nugs are lightweight and mostly in the shape of teardrops. When you break them open that’s when the scent is the most strong. The leaves are coated in white tricomes, making it glisten under a light. Interspersed between the leaves are orange hairs, giving the buds a bit of color variety.


After three to four puffs on a joint, you can expect to feel an amalgamation of muscle relaxation, happiness, euphoria, uplifted spirits and a tinge of sleepiness. Thus, it’s a great strain for those suffering from pain, depression and a racing mind while trying to sleep. But the aspect I really love about Tahoe OG is that it’s a lighter indica, meaning it’s possible to smoke it and still do things. You’re probably not going to blow through a to-do list the way one might with a strain like Green Crack, but your motor skills remain relatively (and impressively) intact for an indica.


As a sativa-hybrid smoker, I have to think twice before jumping into an indica because I’m sensitive to its characteristically droopy, sedating effects. But Tahoe OG is a feel-good indica. It’s perhaps the best strain for staying in on a rainy day and watching a movie, without having to worry about knocking out half way through.


For the smokers who puff on various OGs all day long, Tahoe OG is probably a great daytime smoke for you. For those who prefer sativas during the day, Tahoe OG is a solid strain to smoke right before dinner time because it’ll enhance your appetite and relax you after a long day of work.


Price: $55 per eighth; Place of Purchase: People’s OC; 2721 S. Grand Ave. Santa Ana, Ca 92705

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