Monday Munchies: Hot Dogs at MainPlace!

The MainPlace mall in Santa Ana doesn’t have fancy things like a Nordstrom, wifi, or even working escalators but that doesn’t stop it from trying it’s best. For every store that’s open there’s three that are vacant, and the familiar scent of stale sandalwood creeping out of the Abercrombie & Fitch stays with you long after you’ve left. It has to be difficult drawing in crowds when world class shopping is just minutes away but I think I’ve found the sole purpose of this mall and it happens to be hidden on the second floor food court. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m talking about Hot Dog on a Stick.

First opened in 1946 next to Santa Monica’s famous muscle beach. The Stick was wildly popular with vacationing tourists, the Hollywood elite, and anyone that didn’t mind getting sand in their food. It wouldn’t take long for the franchise to expand and begin opening new locations in every mall in America. Fast forward to 2014, the company sold to Global Franchise Group and began shifting their image and opening stand alone shops.

Part of a well balanced breakfast.

Whenever I’m struggling to get out of bed after a weekend full of stoney shenanigans I usually try and eat something healthy that will negate all of the damage I’ve inflicted on myself. Today however my particularly harsher than usual hangover required something different. So, with my head pounding and my mouth tasting of old beer and hooker spit I made my way to the air conditioned sanctuary of Orange County’s Forgotten mall. The first thing I noticed about The Stick was that they’d definitely gotten rid of all the creepy things that I remembered from my visits as a teenager. There’s no longer a weird platform for underage girls to churn lemons on while people watched and the actual hotdog is about 30% smaller than I’d remembered. Besides my hangover, and the lump of mustard in my stomach, the only thing I can say is that there are few sadder places on this earth than a declining mall’s food court at 11am on a monday. With my hangover pains abated, and a paycheck burning a hole in my pocket it was time to go check out the new scents at Bath and Body Works. Happy Smoking!

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