Monday Munchies: Habit Purified CBD Water

Courtesy of Habit Beverages


The more cannabis products I try, the more I find myself leaning toward the CBD end of the spectrum. Habit Sparkling Beverages is known for its mouth-watering fruit-flavored THC drinks. Although the high from the beverages is one of the best medicated feelings on the (legal) market, I was bummed when I realized Habit didn’t offer a CBD option. But the last time I went to the Reserve OC, the fridge was stocked with a new Habit CBD drink. Score!


It’s a little weird that the drink is marketed as a water because it tastes a lot like lemonade. That said, it is refreshing and there’s nothing I’d rather drink on a hot day. What’s great is that the drink contains no sodium, sugars or fat. It also has no calories. The benefit of a product like this is that it can be used by all types of different patients. Low calorie and sugarless canna-products aren’t common. Most of the time they’re loaded with sugar and unhealthy ingredients, making them off-limits to a large number of people, especially diabetics and people with strict dietary restrictions. Habit also prides itself on consistent lab testing to ensure that its products are reliable, consistent and useful.


The night I tried the drink, the anxiety looming over my head from life and work left me feeling crippled. My chest was tight and my energy levels were low, but there was so much I needed to get done. I needed some sort of relief, in order to start crossing off tasks on my to-do list. I swigged half of the 50mg bottle pretty quickly; within 15 minutes of drinking it, I was able to take deep breaths again. My anxiety began to subside. I literally felt years put back on my life. Okay, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but I felt substantially better.


I ended up finishing the bottle garnished with a little mint leaf in my glass, which oddly made me feel like I was living the high life (for a 420 pirate). If you try this drink, I recommend adding a little bit of mint into the mix. It adds an extra soothing component to it, making it a perfect recipe for solid night’s sleep. My anxiety was wiped almost completely, leaving me feeling relieved long into the next day.


To say I’m going to imbibe again is an understatement: I might purchase a whole shipment.


Available at The Reserve OC; 2911 Tech Center Drive, Santa Ana, Ca 92705; $12.

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