Monday Munchies: Go Bold!

You don’t have to go through several years of college courses to understand that mixing certain substances can be disastrous. Most of us grow out of partying when we begin to take our responsibilities more seriously but not me, each night I’m up well past the witching hour gathering information to put into articles like the one you’re reading right now. As luck would have it I was recently gifted a rare Saturday off and I tried to fit as much fun into it as possible.

The night began with the usual amount of cannabis I ingest daily, which is either a lot or a regular amount depending on your own personal level of commitment. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Long Beach’s newest and largest dispensary, The Circle. Located off Ximeno in Belmont Shore the 8000 square foot showroom is either the sleekest, most minimalist storefront I’ve ever seen, or a clever way to disguise a villains lair in plain view. While I was busy gawking at the impressive selection of products from companies like Canndescent, Papa & Barkley, and Care by Design, I managed to secure an 8th of well manicured flowers from Bubonic. The watermelon indica tests at over 26% THC and after a few bowls I was in the right headspace needed for a night out with the general public.

Courtesy of The Circle.

Like I said before, it doesn’t take a doctor to tell you that mixing booze with ganja is a one way ticket to blackout city and this particular night I was the sole inhabitant. So, instead of heading home like a normal person I left the comfort of the bars’ dim lighting for the harsh fluorescent dining room of my local Del Taco. Stoners liking fast food is a tired stereotype that most of us in the industry work hard at trying to remove but sometimes the truth hurts. You can take me to a five star eatery and I would love every minute of it but deep down inside, some part of me still wants to bite into a hard shell taco slathered in inferno sauce while my eyes adjust to a light bulb that’s somehow brighter than the midday sun.

Next time you find yourself cross faded after two in the parking lot of a random bar with a jay in your pocket, don’t go home with that stranger you met on the smoking patio. Save yourself the hassle of an awkward morning and the inevitable uber and Go Bold! It’s cheaper than buying diapers for your illegitimate child and you get to spend more money on our favorite plant.

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