Monday Munchies: Flurish Watermelon Gummies

Sativa Watermelon Gummies –Courtesy of Flurish


It’s hard to find edibles that don’t taste like you’ve bitten straight into a nug– if not worse. Luckily, Flurish gummies don’t abide by the norm. They taste like a hybrid between a watermelon Jolly Rancher gummy candy made with cane sugar (opposed to artificial sweetener ) and an actual watermelon. And sometimes when an edible tastes great the effects don’t match up with its aesthetics. Again, thankfully, Flurish doesn’t seem to have that issue, as their 75mg ruby-like gummy squares are strong enough to launch you a couple solar systems away from ours.


But what’s incredible about Flurish gummies is that they’re crafted by a chef with experience at a Michelin star-rated restaurant, a culinary alchemist responsible for crafting their edibles–and I don’t know if it gets much better than that.


300mg of THC comes in an entire Flurish box, and four candies come in each package. That means each three-dimensional gummy has 75mg of THC in it. What’s interesting about this dosage is that the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulations (BMCR) is trying to cap all edibles to a maximum of 100mg of THC. In other words, all edibles that come in multiple pieces–including Flurish– would be capped at 10mg each (instead of 75mg). For some this might seem like a reasonable limitation. But the reality is that there are a lot of people who have severe medical ailments, like cancer, multiple sclerosis or PTSD who suffer from a lot of pain and don’t receive the proper medicinal benefits from 100mg of THC. They need higher doses to feel relief from their conditions.


Furthermore, there are a lot of companies who are going to be put out of business because of the milligram cap. Although Flurish likely won’t be one of them, they will have to limit the amount of THC they infuse their gummies with. That means it’s time to stock up on your favorite higher dose edibles because there’s a good chance they won’t be available soon. I plan to stock my freezer to the brim with an assortment of Flurish gummies, and perhaps I’ll use them as ice cubes in my drinks on hot days because they’re the perfect ice cube size. Another reason I love these gummies is because they use a solventless infusion method, which is one of the cleanest ways to put THC in food.


It takes about an hour to feel the effects of these octahedron-shaped edibles– and just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re weak. I went to Nordstrom Rack after eating one little piece and got lost in the racks of clothes for at least an hour-and-a-half. I almost went into the dressing room to lie down and take a breather because I was so stoned. But I wasn’t tired. The gummies are infused with top-shelf sativa, which actually made me feel like I could run a race, but the high was almost disorienting because it was so strong. The high lasted for a total of four hours, and it felt warm, floaty and spacey.


I don’t think I’ll go to Nordstrom Rack that stoned again considering I felt like I couldn’t communicate with anyone and wanted to hide within the clothing racks like a creep. But there’s perhaps no better edible for a day in the shade at the beach. That’s where I’ll imbibe with Flurish gummies next.

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