Monday Munchies: CannaPro 1:1 Capsules

Traveling can be incredibly stressful. Regardless of plane, train or car traveling can easily trigger stress, anxiety and other nervous quirks. Often you hear about people popping one of Big Pharma’s finest, like Xanax or Valium, before a long trip to help curb the uneasiness. But when you’re on a plane for an entire sun cycle or you’re traveling for multiple days, the cumulative consumption of those types of synthetic meds can have harmful (and addicting) consequences on your health. That’s why the invention of cannabis capsules are brilliant.

Last week I took a flight from Los Angeles to Louisville, Kentucky, which was basically three quarters of a day of traveling– layover included. I don’t normally fear flying, but every now and then I become consumed by doomsday, catastrophic plane-wrecking thoughts. And they’re terrible. Luckily, Evergreen sells CannaPro cannabis capsules and they’re just as effective for curbing anxiety as any popular pharmaceutical.

CannaPro makes sativa, indica and 1:1 THC / CBD capsules. I used 1:1 capsules for my flight because when you combine both THC and CBD, the high is mellow and balanced– you don’t feel like an alien who’s descended upon Earth trying to communicate with humans for the first time. Rather, you feel like a glittering creature from an enchanted forest happy to speak to whomever.

There’s 40mg of CBD and 10mg of THC in each capsule and 10 small pills come in each bottle. About 40 minutes after I took one the paranoid thoughts were curbed. Instead of stressing over whether the aircraft I was about to board was going to lead to my demise, I was anxiety-free, feeling like a mystical fairy and ready to fly among the clouds–literally and figuratively.

The 1:1 ratio, according to CannaPro’s site , helps decrease nicotine cravings; helps prevent IL-12 production, which plays a huge role in autoimmune diseases– like diabetes; reduces symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis; it’s an anti-inflammatory; and helps fight acne.

What’s ideal about CannaPro is that the packaging looks like a vitamin bottle you’d find on shelves in a Sprouts or Whole Foods. CannaPro prides themselves on is consistency, too, so each capsule is going to deliver the same dose and feeling every time.

If you struggle with travel anxiety, I recommend taking one to two 1:1 CannaPro capsules the next time you’re on the move. Feeling like you’re emanating the energy of a relaxed disco ball is a great way to travel– that is, if you’re not the one in the driver’s seat.

Available at Evergreen:  1320 E. Edinger Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705. $80 per bottle.

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