Monday Munchies: Austin Edition!

If you’re not familiar with the Lone Star state allow me to paint a picture of its capital city; or at least my perspective of it after spending 48 hours bar hopping and smoking as much as possible around the greater downtown area. While planning my southern getaway I made sure to discreetly pack away a plethora of vape cartridges from Orchid Essentials, deciding that the risk was worth not having to search for my flowers. Each full gram cart comes pre-loaded with some of the highest terpene counts ( around 15%) I’ve ever come across and the flavor profiles do the heavy lifting for anyone that doesn’t want to taste “flowers”. There’s always a gamble when taking your buds with you on vacation but this time it paid off and I was able to stay lifted throughout my trip.

Every city has a nightlife culture and Austin’s no different. Most of the bars lining 6th street were completely interchangeable with little to differentiate each particular storefront but that’s par for the course in a town full of drunks. After a marathon of bars, smoking patios, and restaurants with various themes I was finally ready to eat. Unfortunately this article isn’t about Texas BBQ or the cities seemingly endless supply of food trucks on every street, when the time comes for me to stuff my face I like to think outside the box. So with blurry eyes, a cool buzz, and a belly full of tequila I stumbled through crowds of belligerent college kids to try and find something to quell the hunger pains that were slowly killing my good time.

Texas Halal.

After trying (and failing) to secure some of the cities most sought after pizza due to some terrible advice from one of the many tattoo faced residents I settled on my second favorite food to eat after midnight, The Gyro. I didn’t see many Greek people while I was in Texas, and by that I mean I didn’t see any, but that didn’t seem to affect business at all. The tiny box that served as the kitchen looked like any gyro spot you’d find in Los Angeles and New York but this one was special. Angelo, the owner/operator of the gyro stand was proud of his state and Texas culture in general, so much so that he blasted some of the loudest outlaw country I’ve ever heard while enjoying middle eastern cuisine. The sandwich was perfectly cooked and portioned and the yogurt based sauced was some of the best I’ve ever had but the real defining moment for my night was watching everyone, despite their race, political beliefs, or religion eat delicious food while Hank Williams sang about the simple life.

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