Mom Accused of Locking Daughter in Closet for 6 Hours Locked Up

A Costa Mesa mom accused of hitting her daughter three times with a stick and
locking the 13-year-old in a closet for six hours over bad grades found herself on an extended time out.

In Orange County Jail.

Someone concerned about the abuse alleged to have happened Oct. 29 reportedly contacted Costa Mesa police, who arrested the mother within a couple hours.

The unidentified 32-year-old pleaded not guilty Nov. 1 to a misdemeanor
count of child abuse and is due back in court Dec. 29, reports the Daily Pilot, which adds the lady is free on bail after spending a weekend behind bars.

Her daughter was taken to Orangewood Children & Family Center.

We can all agree child abuse is awful, and those guilty of it deserve everything coming to them. But does anyone else wonder how the girl's grades have been since?

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