Mmoss at Thee Men's Warehouse Over the Weekend: Eight Observations

Oct. 9, 2010
Thee Men's Warehouse, Anaheim

1. Burger Records' Mmoss is finishing up their week-long San Francisco to San Diego tour, and one of their stops was at Thee Men's Warehouse in Anaheim last Saturday.

2. The evening started off slow, but picked up when Mmoss began their set. The four piece from Dover, New Hampshire parallel Jefferson Airplane with dueling male and female vocals and a mild psychedelic sound. They received more applause than any of the three other local bands.

3. Rachel played a hammond organ and flute which added a unique and slightly mystical aspect to their sound.


4. Fullerton's Dahga Bloom, who run Thee Men's Warehouse, ended the evening. 

5. Thee Men's Warehouse is a cool venue with a '70s vibe.

6. Before they started, Matt from Fullerton's Audacity asked me if I had heard Dahga Bloom. “They're not very good,” he said. “You should go home now.” I had to disagree. They played solid lo-fi garage rock with more confidence than the opening bands of the evening.

7. Wonder Wheel started off the night with a overly heavy delay on the vocals. One had to wonder why they felt the need to hide the singing so much. Each song was indistinct from the next. Their sound wasn't awful, just nothing I've never heard before.

8. Cosmonauts followed in a similar generic vein with minimal stage presence and inaudible vocals. There was one thing they did perfectly however. They mastered the hipster apathy with walking on the stage, playing their set with their heads down and no audience interaction before silently walking offstage.

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