Mitt Romney's Cross-Country Presidential Campaign Cash Trips Includes an OC Stop This Month

Now that Mitt Romney has announced he's running for president, the Republican is going to spend the rest of the month hunkering down to master the issues, pressing the flesh with the unwashed masses and squaring off outside the White House to foist the will of those people at the current occupant.

Ah, hell, screw that: MR is going to be criss-crossing the country and at least one ocean to scoop up campaign cash and various mostly private functions, including at least one in that GOP piggy bank known as Orange County.

The National Journal obtained a list of 33 finance events between now and June 30 the former Massachusetts governor and
venture capitalist has at least tentatively scheduled. The biggest break he'll apparently get is four days before a June 13 debate in New Hampshire. And he'll be off to a July “preview event” in London, according to reporter Jim O'Sullivan.  

Sandwiched in between a full day of money stops in Los Angeles on June 22 and a June 24 luncheon in Provo, Utah (gotta respect the elders, yo), there's a June 23 evening reception in Orange County, according to the tentative schedule that offers no clue as to where that blessed event might be. Betcha Romney horn dog Hugh Hewitt knows!

Here is the full list provided by the Journal:

June 5 – evening reception, Greenwich, CT
June 6 – evening reception, New York, NY
June 7 – breakfast, New York, NY
June 7 – dinner, Detroit, MI
June 8 – breakfast, luncheon, dinner, Detroit, MI
June 9 – evening reception, St. Louis, MO
June 14 – dinner, TBD, FL
June 15 – breakfast, TBD, FL
June 15 – luncheon and dinner, TBD, FL
June 16 – breakfast, TBD, FL
June 16 – dinner, Atlanta, GA
June 17 – luncheon, Las Vegas, NV
June 20 – breakfast, Boise, ID
June 20 – luncheon, Idaho Falls, ID
June 20 – evening reception, Denver, CO
June 21 – luncheon, Sacramento, CA
June 21 – evening BBQ reception, Bay Area, CA
June 22 – breakfast, luncheon, dinner, Losa Angeles, CA
June 23 – evening reception, Orange County, CA
June 24 – luncheon, Provo, UT
June 24 – evening reception, Salt Lake City, UT
June 28 – breakfast, New York, NY
June 29 – luncheon, Washington, D.C.
June 29 – evening reception, Northern VA
June 30 – breakfast and luncheon, Philadelphia, PA
June 30 – dinner, Pittsburgh, PA

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