Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Fair This Thursday to Sunday

When Mitsuwa holds these festivals, it's always fun, even if the parking is atrocious.This week, it's the Hokkaido Fair, being held from Thursday to Sunday.

Here are some highlights of this year's event as Mitsuwa's own website can only describe them:

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Fresh food that only Northern region could afford and their specialties with
freshly picked vegetables and fruits, and unique milk products are coming in flocks.

They are back! “Ezofukuro” is coming back with their “Miso Ramen” by huge demand.

Ezofukuro pays great attention to Miso and its heat level. Sauté vegetables, soup, and carefully selected Miso paste on high heat at once, it brings full flavor into SAPPRO Miso Ramen.
9/20(Thu) – 9/23(Sun) Costa Mesa Store
9/27(Thu) – 9/30(Sun) San Jose Store

“Ramen Kagetora” will make their second appearance for this event with New item, “Kotteri Shoyu”(Soy Sauce flavor) and “Kotteri Shio”(Salt flavor).
Well-balanced essences of Japanese, Western, and Chinese boost their originality. Please enjoy their popular “Kotteri Shoyu” and “Kotteri Shio”.
9/20(Thu) – 9/23(Sun) Torrance Store
9/27(Thu) – 9/30(Sun) New Jersey Store

From Pork Bowl Capital “Tokachi”, “Pork Bowl” of “Tokachi Butadon Ippin” will come for the first time!
Their 5 qualities (legendary irresistible sauce, carefully selected locally grown pork loin, 100% Binchotan charcoal, 100% locally grown rice, and apply sauce several times while grilling) toward this unique Pork Bowl catches our appetite for sure!
9/20(Thu) – 9/23(Sun) Torrance Store, Costa Mesa Store
9/27(Thu) – 9/30(Sun) San Jose Store

For Seafood lovers, you don't want to miss this!!
Premium Bento Boxes with plenty of King Crab, Sea urchin, and Salmon roe and other seafood sushi. Enjoy their various Crab bento box!!

Much-loved popular item of this event, Ice Cream. This time will be “Vanilla Soft Ice Cream” and “Melon Soft Ice Cream” of “Yubari Akindo-ya”.
Enjoy its strong aroma of YUBARI Melon!!
9/20(Thu) – 9/23(Sun) Torrance Store, Costa Mesa Store
9/27(Thu) – 9/30(Sun) Chicago Store, New Jersey Store

– Croquettes of “Maruhiro Oota”
– Kamaboko fish cake of “Daiwa Yamato Suisan”
– Sweet Pumpkin of “TK North Factory”
– Rice Crackers of “Hokkaidomura”
– Grilled Beans of “Ikeda Shokuhin”
– Strawberry chocolate, Butter Sand of “Rokkatei”
– Chocolate Catalana, Souffle Cheese Catalana of “Mireika”
and many more!

Please experience the greatly boasted tastes!
Please visit our “HOKKAIDO FAIR”.

So are you coming to “experience the great boasted tastes”? I know I am!

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