Mitsuwa Costa Mesa Adds A Beer Vendor

Mitsuwa Costa Mesa, Orange County's preeminent Japanese food court, now has a beer vendor called New Japan Beer Company. It serves just four beers in 16-ounce plastic cups starting at $4.75. Three of them are the trinity of Kirin, Sapporo, and Asahi. The last is Stella Artois. But it does so ice cold and out of the tap.


If you think something been missing from the great food you get at the food court–which, let's face it, is the reason you go to Mitsuwa at all–it's probably a swig of beer to go with it. I didn't realize it until now, but the fried items at Sanukiseimen Mugimaru and the katsu curry at Miyabi both go extremely well with beer.

Gyutan Tsukasa, the beef tongue vendor, is particularly welcoming of the new vendor. It has put up a big banner with a grinning gent gripping two frosty mugs proclaiming that gyutan is the “delicious companion of beer!”

And if the thought just crossed your mind that you could get a six pack of the same beers from the supermarket for cheaper, I must inform you that Mitsuwa has already thought of that loophole. There's a sign in the beer aisle which warns that all alcohol products purchased from the market cannot be consumed in the foodcourt.

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