Mission Viejo Rabbitcide Scorned Worldwide

A former wildlife rehabilitator from Lake Shasta has sent the Mission Viejo City Council an online petition signed by more than 700 netizens of the world demanding the same thing:

Stop slaughtering bunnies.

The plea comes two months after the Palmia Homeowners Association successfully lobbied city leaders for permission to off Peter Cottontail–on or off the bunny trail.

Seems the little buggers had been destroying landscape near the 901 Palmia homes, so the association asked for and received permission to shoot rabbits in an effort to thin the population.

This perturbs Janet Geren, who organized the online petition drive in hopes of convincing the City Council to rescind the thump Thumper permit.

So far, the petition you can add your John Hancock to has received 702 signatures with a goal of reaching 1,000.

“If they don't want their plants to be destroyed, and they choose to
live in an area where there is wildlife that has been there long before
them, they should plant things that (rabbits) don't eat,” the Lake Shastan says of Palmians in the Orange County Register.

Bold leadership comes from Mission Viejo's mayor pro tem, Dave Leckness, who says Geren's petition was received but action on it is up to the homeowner association, not the council.

Frankly, Palmia board president Eddie Zorehkey is sick of hearing about it.

“We're dealing with it, and it's that simple,” he tells the Reg in a manner we'd imagine was a huff.

Zorehkey, who swears his board does not take rabbitcide lightly and only considers it a short-term fix, says what to do about the wascally wabbits was discussed for two
years before anyone arrived at The Final Solution.

He does not confirm in the piece whether rabbit does indeed taste just like chicken.

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