Mission Viejo High Baseball Team Apologizes for Players Dressing like “Mexicans” and Trump

Oh boy! Mission Viejo High School is the latest OC campus to get caught up in a Mexi-mocking dress-up scandal. The school's CIF-winning baseball team took to the field to play an otherwise harmless Halloween-themed game, with players dressing as Mr. Incredible, a Star Wars storm trooper and douchebag swimmer Ryan Lochte. The only problem came when others gave into the irresistible urge to don serapes, sombreros and drawn-in mustaches while posing around with some punk pitcher dressed as Donald Trump. 

The team's official Twitter account tweeted out a pic of the “Mexicans” and “Trump” all posed together with the Mexis behind the brick wall. The “Build The Wall” gag appeared to get some supportive retweets until catching flak. They took down the Twitpic, but the interwebz is forever, bruh. The Weekly's Mex-in-Chief ridiculed them online for the move, tweeting, “If you're going to let kids dress up like “Mexicans” w/ Trump, then tweet a photo, at least keep it up, you know?”  Instead of standing by their bigotry, Mission Viejo High School baseball sent out an expected “sorry” instead: “We apologize for the insensitivity. It was certainly not meant to offend anyone.” Not the worst no-pology ever, but even still; Mission Viejo now joins the ranks of OC high-school anti-Mexi bullshit alongside the “Seniors y Senoritas” dress-up day at Canyon High in Anaheim Hills and Foothill High's infamous #Chunti sign held up from the rafters during a basketball game against its bitter, darker-skinned Tustin High rivals

In all the cases, Mexis have helped in the Mexi-mocking, whether dressing up themselves or dressing down the offensiveness in the aftermath. Watch for the same to happen here, especially with the two serape-wearing kids in the picture kinda looking like pochos, all while we wait for administrators to play catch-up and issue some sort of statement. 

Hey Diablos: who's your baseball coach, anyway? Is that Cole Bartiromo in the dugout? 

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