Miss the '90s? You Don't Have To; Five Bands That Relive Your Youth

There's a reason old people are curmudgeonly at rock shows: It's because they've heard it all before, new music sucks, it's boring, yada yada yada.

But no, really, when someone over 30 tells you a new band sounds familiar, well, it's probably because it is. Think of the Interpol-Joy Division connection, Lady Gaga-Madonna, Belly-Best Coast. Not that it's always a bad thing. After all, every new Interpol record made is like the album that Ian Curtis never got to do, so it's  win-win for everyone involved: fans get to hear new music, Interpol sells records.

Anyway, to help you relive the time you wore braces, saved up for CDs, and use a payphone to call people, we found five new acts that sound like bands from the 1990s. Enjoy reminiscing about your youth!
Real Estate
Who they are: New Jersey act who rock the discordant, classic alt sound with a guitar twang in an oh-so-pleasant manner.

Sounds like: seminal slowcore band Galaxie 500, Swedish dream pop band Club 8

Check out: All the Same


Who they are: Brits who were born just as Nirvana was getting famous.

Sounds like:  Seattle grunge purveyors Mudhoney, plus Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. who made the high gain, loud distortion and extensive feedback de rigeur for American alternative music
Check out: Get Away

Lana del Rey
Who she is:  Self-made Internet sensation projecting a vibe that's part 1960s Hollywood glam, part 2011 hipster fakery. 
Sounds like: psych-shoegaze revivalists Mazzy Star, singer-songwriter PJ Harvey
Check out: Video Games

The School of Seven Bells
Who they are: A trio made up of Benjamin Curtis of Secret Machines plus identical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, named a mythical South American pickpocket training academy.
Sounds like: Seminal dream pop band that put glossolalia into common musical lexicon, the Cocteau Twins (although it takes two people to recreate one Liz Frasier), shoegaze originators My Bloody Valentine
Check out: Windstorm

The Joy Formidable

Who they are: Welsh trio who create guitar-driven noise lifted up by a sweet girlish voice, turning songs into massive anthems.

Sounds like: Brits Lush, who “meshed dreamy, feedback-drenched guitars with airy, catchy melodies.”

Check out: Whirring

Which bands of today do YOU think sound like '90s bands? Give us your thoughts the comments!

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